May 9, 9:46 AM   Trails are closed for the season. Sign clean up is mostly complete.

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Welcome to Bayley-Hazen Road Snowmobile Club

CAUTION! Groomer has the right of way!

Thank you to all of the landowners who are generous enough allow us to use their property for our trails. Without them, we go nowhere!! Your support is greatly appreciated.

We are sad to hear that one of our longtime club members has passed away. David Poitras of W. Danville passed away Saturday, April 12 at home with his family. He will be remembered by the club for his quick wit, great sense of humor and his never ending support for snowmobiling & the Bayley Hazen Road S/C. He would help as much as he could and offered allot of good advice & wisdom for the younger members. Most of all, he is a good friend to many of the longtime club members. Dave will be greatly missed by us and his family.

We are a snowmobile club based in Peacham, VT since 1968 with trails located in Peacham and Barnet, an area of the NEK known for its beautiful scenery.

Our trails link the popular Groton State forest area with the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail and all other points North.

Monthly club meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday of the month Sept. - June at the clubhouse in E. Peacham. Pot luck supper @6:30 pm with meeting to follow.

NEXT MEETING: Friday, June 13th at 6 PM .
Bring your own burgers, steak, pork, etc. to cook on the grill.
This was done for us to have a chance to relax, enjoy good food &
friendship instead of rushing home after the meeting

SIGN CLEAN UP is Sat. May 3rd. Meet at the shop at 8 am. Call 592-3382 or 3155 for more info. Thank you.

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