Bayley-Hazen Road Snowmobile Club, Peacham and Barnet Vermont, Trail Reports


We had 6-8" of snow with Thursdays storm and today the groomer packed out the trails on the higher elevations from CA 13 to 19, 20, & 17. Some of the fields are actually still thin on snow cover after the last meltdown because the snow was all gone in those places. "engage Brain before thumb" Consider this section OPEN WITH CAUTION.
LOGGING OPERATIONthis season on trail 2 about half way between CA 13 & CA 19. Please obey the signs and remember that logging equipment has the right of way.

Still waiting for more snow to go from Peacham to W. Barnet on trail 2, the low elevation trail.
We will post updates here & on our Facebook page as conditions improve.

Thank you for your cooperation!

PLEASE STAY ON YOUR SIDE OF THE TRAIL!! Too many riders are cutting to the short and/or blind side of the corners. You may just save your life or someone elses! Thank you.

Ride safely and have a great day.

Thank you for your cooperation.

"Ride right or stay home. Thank you.

Please keep in mind & inform fellow riders that groomers always have the right of way on the trails. If riders come upon the groomer from behind, please wait for them to find a place to pull over and let you by. If approaching from the front, stop ASAP and find a place to pull over or if there's no room, you may just have to turn around and go back a ways to get out of the way.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Jan 19, 12:17 AM   6-8" of snow from Thursdays storm was a help, need more......


Monthly club meetings are normally held on the 2nd Thursday of the month Sept. - June at the clubhouse in E. Peacham. Pot luck supper with meeting to follow.

NEXT MEETING Thursday Feb 13th. @ 6:30 pm with a pot luck dinner with the business meeting to follow. Stop by and have a good time with fellow snowmobilers & find out what is happening, Hope to see you there.

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