Bayley-Hazen Road Snowmobile Club, Peacham and Barnet Vermont, Trail Reports


We had a little snow on Monday & a little more today is helping greatly. The groomer has been out everyday this week and trails should be in great shape. The low elevation trails in S. Peacham -W. Barnet will not take much warmth to make a mess again but enjoy for now.

LOGGING OPERATION this season on trail 2 about half way between CA 13 & CA 19. Please obey the signs and remember that logging equipment has the right of way.

Thank you for your cooperation!

PLEASE STAY ON YOUR SIDE OF THE TRAIL!! One of our club members was just missed on a bridge last weekend because of 2 idiot riders on his side of the trail! Too many riders are cutting to the short and/or blind side of the corners and not staying on their side!!. Ride right or stay home!! You may just save your life or someone elses! Thank you.

Ride safely and have a great day.

Thank you for your cooperation.

"Ride right or stay home.

Please keep in mind & inform fellow riders that groomers always have the right of way on the trails. If riders come upon the groomer from behind, please wait for them to find a place to pull over and let you by. If approaching from the front, stop ASAP and find a place to pull over or if there's no room, you may just have to turn around and go back a ways to get out of the way.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Feb 13, 10:42 AM   A little snow on Monday & more today, grooming underway....

Monthly club meetings are normally held on the 2nd Thursday of the month Sept. - June at the clubhouse in E. Peacham. Pot luck supper with meeting to follow.

NEXT MEETING POSTPONED UNTIL Thursday Feb 20th. @ 6:30 pm with a pot luck dinner with the business meeting to follow, wrapping up the Bean Ride-in. Stop by and have a good time with fellow snowmobilers & find out what is happening, Hope to see you there.

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